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So Much More Than a Wedding- part 2

Yesterday, I shared part 1 of Amber’s inspirational canceled wedding turned celebration in New Orleans. You can see the blog post here. Part 2 will share the second day of coverage, which was Sunday evening. We spent about three hours taking pictures and the central theme was her family. She wanted to capture and focus on the support that her family showed her over the weekend, and that was so easy to do, because not only was this family super photogenic, they loved on Amber so well! Amber put on her ceremony dress, gave gifts to the special women in her life, walked Bourdon Street and then the whole family took pictures together in City Park; it was a beautiful evening! When I first got to New Orleans and talked to Amber about what she wanted to wear for her family pictures, her wedding dress wasn’t even considered. Towards the end of the conversation, something changed in Amber’s mind and she decided that she wanted to be photographed with her loving and supportive family, in her wedding dress, the dress she would have worn walking down the isle and photographed in with her family. Her mind was made up, and I’m so glad she decided on that…because it added a meaningful touch to the family session! Just like the day before, Amber looked stunning! She carried herself strong, and although the emotions of the day got to her, she continued to exude strength, grace and perseverance.



  • RAF - Really touching and powerful. What a beautiful family!You’re amazing and so courageous.His loss. God bless you :).ReplyCancel

  • Tanny Bidwell ( still legally Land but not married at all !) - I was married at age 18 and raised 3 kids to adulthood and stayed married for 27 years . Too many years of trying to understand why I was being treated like a woman unloved ! It was a lifetime of mistaken loyalty to a man who had only married me to stay out of jail ! I did not know that he had shot an old man named F.C. Snow . In 1980 or ’81 , My exhusband robbed a small gas &grocery store on highway 269 then shot the store owner in the shoulder . He had intended to kill the man but the gun misfired and shot the man in chest , neck and shoulder instead ! I knew nothing of this until 2008 when my ex filed for a divorce because Mr F.C. Snow had passed away and Edgar Wayne Land felt free to divorce me as Mr Snow could no longer identify him as the gunman who had shot him .
    I tell you this truth because I surely wish that I had been the one to have left the church in 1982 ! I just want to vent . Kudos to you for making a good day of a bad one . Good luck to the woman who gets to be loved by her family as she gets to try for a better love next time she chooses !ReplyCancel

  • Vickie Adams - This is a moving and touching story about someone who is unique, genuine and courageous and obviously adored by both friends and family.

    All I could think of is the groom probably missed the greatest opportunity of his life while Amber was given a wonderful gift– a chance for happiness with someone in the future who will cherish and appreciate her as she deserves to be loved. Best of luck in the future.ReplyCancel

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