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Private Moments: Daytona Beach Wedding

Mike and Lindsey stayed true to themselves on their wedding day, and I loved that about them!

This is PART 1 of the Pickard-Schmidt Wedding! Tomorrow will be another post:)

When I first met with Lindsey, she was totally on board with doing a ‘first look’, which is when the bride and groom see each other before the wedding, share a few sweet moments together, and then typically take portraits. At our final consult, she told me that she and Mike were going to exchange private vows before the wedding that they wrote themselves; how sweet! She knew she would be too emotional to do personal vows in front of the wedding guests, so she wanted to share them just with Mike.

The first look is something I always advocate for because as a photographer, I get to document the first moments you see each other. It’s typically done in a private setting, and is intimate and emotional. But don’t worry! A first look doesn’t take away at all from the special ‘walk down the isle’ moments, either! Those steps down the isle are still amazing, and both the bride and groom are swelling with excitement and anticipation of becoming husband and wife!

We talked about doing the first look outside on the back patio of the hotel where everyone was getting ready before the wedding, but Lindsey decided at the last minute that she wanted to do both the first look and the vows in private. (You should also know that this is Spring Break week and they got married in Daytona Beach, so the patio and beach were FULL of people!) I loved that Lindsey felt comfortable enough with me to say she needed to change something that would make¬†her¬†feel more comfortable. Even though timelines, schedules and questionnaires are a big part of the wedding day, it certainly doesn’t compete with the bride and groom enjoying their day and feeling as though they can relax and be themselves! The timeline actually didn’t change, just the location. And thankfully they had a nice hotel room, so it worked out great!

Lindsey and Mike’s quiet and calm moments together were just beautiful, you guys! They were both pretty nervous and anxious to see each other, and as soon as they did, the nerves melted away. Mike even said his body just felt ‘better'; he said he just needed to see her face, and he would be okay. They kept a close embrace, and snuck in a few (ok…a lot of!) kisses in-between sharing what was on their heart. What an honor is was to capture these moments before the busyness of the day!

Tomorrow’s blog post will feature more of their wedding day…get ready for a crazy good looking bridal party and all the FUN they had at their wedding!



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