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This time last year- Ormond Beach Portrait Photographer

I don’t typically write much about my personal life on my photography blog, but there are certain times when they are one in the same and can’t be separated. This time last year was one of those times!

At the beginning of July last year, we moved our family from Virginia to Florida and it was one of the hardest times in my life. I didn’t want to move (especially to Florida), and next in line to missing our close friends and leaving our home, moving my business was going to be a huge challenge! I remember telling people I was preparing myself to ‘mourn the loss’ of photography. It may sound dramatic, but it was true! I¬†was so so sad about leaving my wonderful clients in VA and didn’t know what to expect in FL. I had worked hard to prove myself in the industry and moving was going to set me back like 100 steps!

It took about two-three months for photography to start up for me down here in Florida, and those months felt like forever! I remember thinking to myself that I should break out my camera for everyday shots of my kids and family just so I wouldn’t get rusty! In the beginning, I offered free sessions to people just so I could get my work out there with the hopes that my name would spread. It felt so weird to not ask for payment, but you want to know what? It also felt really good to be behind the camera again doing what I love and providing people with beautiful images! One of my first clients was the Henderson family! We met them on the beach at the end of July and quickly found out that we had BOTH just moved here that month, and had both moved from Virginia…what a small world! I told Melissa I was a family and child photographer and that I’d love to photograph her family sometime. I’m sure she thought I was bold, desperate, whatever word you want to use…ha! She was up for it, and we scheduled the session a month later.

Although we don’t see Melissa and Troy often, they hold a special place in my heart. They were friendly strangers on the beach last July, and were friendly clients a month later who smiled and laughed for my camera! She took a chance on me, and I am so glad she did because she gave back to me what I was fearing was lost; my love for photography!

Running a business is so hard. And moving a business is even harder! There are no two ways about it! And I wish I had more inspiration words, but ‘just keep swimming’ is what comes to my mind! It does get better, and it does get easier. So here’s to taking a big ol’ jump in the water and making a dream, a passion…a reality!



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