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My person.

In life, we all have cheerleaders. People who cheer us on, advocate for us, and encourage us along in the crazy journey of life.

I feel incredibly blessed to have an amazing family, and a great group of friends! I love people, and always have. The more the merrier is totally my thing. But even when you are surrounded with tons of people, there will always be a small(er) group of friends. The ‘inner circle’ if you will. The ones who really get you, really love you, and are on your side. Debi is on my side.

I have never had a friend quite like Debi; especially in the photography world! She is amazing and rare, and here’s why- she has no angle. There is no ugliness or competition. She is confident in her work, style, craft and talent and because of that, there is no need to bring people down, be negative or withhold advice/support. From the very beginning of our friendship, Debbie was open to talking to me about photography, places she likes to shoot at, equipment she has (although she’s Canon and I’m Nikon), her pricing model and so on.

Over the last 10 months, our friendship has gotten deeper and I am so incredibly thankful for her! I am in a Bible study with her every Thursday night, our kids play together, our husbands have breakfast every Friday morning together and it feels like every time I’m around her, she is encouraging me, and lifting me up. Um- can I get an AMEN for an awesome girlfriend?! Whether it’s booking a wedding, getting published, buying a new piece of equipment or starting to plan my first styled shoot- Debi has been there every step of the way. She talks to me about my business and my plans with excitement and anticipation; you guys…that is such a blessing to me! I am so incredibly thankful for this girlfriend. She has made my transition to Florida immeasurably less difficult. Here’s to you, girl!


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